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How Local Authority Works

Local Authority measures proximity, relevance, and prominence, all of which are key metrics in Google’s algorithm for local search.

A Local Authority score is an aggregate of factors: brand consistency, listing integrity, reputation, engagement, and influence.

Pinpoint flaws in your marketing campaigns and boost google maps ranking, buying actions, and customer engagement. Local Authority is scored on a scale from 1-100, the higher, the better. This score measures the 5 key metrics of the Google algorithm.

Brand Health

Scores how oftenrelevant photos and posts are provided over the last 90 days. Calculated as number of photos and posts created over the last 90 days on average.

Influence Health

Measures actual reach of profile posts. Calculated as photo + posts views divided by total impressions.

Engagement Health

Measuresengagement and responsiveness to consumer reviews. Calculated as total review responses divided by total reviews received, weighted for response lag.

Listing Health

This is determined by the consistency and accuracy of the Google My Business profile information. Calculated as total points minus deductions for missing, inconsistent, or inaccurate information.

Reputation Health

Rates overall popularity with the audience. Calculated as the frequency of 4- or 5-star reviewsweighted over the previous 12 months.

Powerful Reporting That Measures What Others Don’t.

Other local ranking reports are based solely on keywords. Local Authority tracks posts, photos, reviews, and buying actions of Google My Business listings to give agencies a more complete picture of local presence for a location. The Local Authority report is useful for showing clients which aspects of their local marketing campaigns are failing and what can be done to increase local presence.

Marketing Platforms

Use Local Authority scoring system for your platform to show predicted results, flaws in marketing campaigns, and track exponential growth.

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Use Local Authority for Your Platform

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